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Last issue seemed to calm some of the concerns many had with the title and the loss of Sterling Gates as writer.Supergirl #60, while a bit talky, set the table for this arc, laying out the pieces and the overall plot. Would this issue pick up on the momentum of the first issue?My assignment: Report on last Saturday’s 50th high school reunion gathering of the MVRHS class of ’66 at the Wharf in Edgartown.

The first clue to these reunion kids’ (now all in their late 60s) innocent past was that a whole bunch of them actually wanted to be there this recent night. Like Island generations before and since, they’re attached to their little rock in a way that either keeps them home or, if they wander the world for a spell, draws them back to stay, or at the very least, crooks a finger at them for regular visits.Would the lack of Nick Spencer hurt or help the story? Last issue, 4 heavyweight Superman villains teleported in and attacked Supergirl, seemingly overwhelming her. I mean, Silver Banshee, the Kryptonite Man, Metallo, and the Parasite can all give Superman a run for his money in a one-on-one battle. That's why I was somewhat surprised initially to see Supergirl take all four of them out so easily. And it definitely made me raise an eyebrow about the villains and if they are truly who they appear to be.For me, most importantly, the thing I want to see is the characterization from the Gates' run pulled forward. One thing I did like about these first pages is the opening line of the book: 'My name is Kara Zor-El and this is my life.' Of course these were the opening and closing lines of Sterling Gates' run so I thought it was a nice little technique to make this feel familiar.In the party-hearty back room of the Wharf, I came upon a big assemblage of classmates: 33 out an original count of 96.This works out to a 42 percent turnout, when you factor in the 13 who’ve passed away — their bright high school faces attached to a dark board, this tribute put together by former class prez Herb Ward of Vineyard Haven.Well, we’re going to combine the two and have a Barefoot Date Night each and every month.


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