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After some searching, I found an interesting gay man’s account of his experience on Hannidate. After having his profile approved he became the first openly gay male listed on the site.

Here’s an excerpt of his account: “I was thrilled though a little befuddled. Then came some helpful advice in an email from Al Qaedakilla4life: “Stay in the closet for your wife and kids, man!

He was criticized for promoting birtherism, false claims regarding voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election, and other conspiracy theories.

Conservatives and pundits also criticized him for being overly supportive of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

” I wrote back to see if Al Qaedakilla was closeted because there was no way for him to have seen me unless he put in “man for man.” No response. There are probably only a couple thousand HANNIDATE members, yet my profile has now been viewed over 5,100 times! One, we’ll call Bill, was openly gay but said he didn’t want the right of marriage.

How many repressed individuals are there hiding behind the banner of Neo-Conservative Values? Could you imagine a black in the fifties extolling the virtues of a Colored-only water fountain?

There are also rumors that he has been romantically involved with many of his co-workers.

Due to all of these, their divorce has always been the matter of when rather than if.

After graduation, he joined WVNN in Athens, Alabama, and shortly afterward, WGST in Atlanta In 1996, he was hired by Fox and was accompanied by Alan Colmes when he received his show Hannity & Colmes.

For those of you out there who don’t think Tinder is sleazy enough, there’s good news in the world of online dating: According to The Wrap, Fox News pundit Sean Hannity wants to create a Tinder-like dating app strictly for conservatives.

(If you think “Ok Cupid’s Nice Guys” are a trip, just wait until you get a load of these clowns.) And you know those GOP types are into some wild shit, so if you’re a liberal Democrat who thinks that sites like Fetlife and Collarspace have lost their edge in recent years, you may want to consider swiping right…way right.“I actually love the idea,” Hannity tells the International Business Times. ’” One can assume that Hannity is being figurative when he says he put this young man “under the gun,” but it would be his God-given right to be quite literal about it if he so desired.

Despite spending a long-time as a husband and wife, this couple’s relationship is not going steady currently, and there are rumors flying around that they will get a divorce soon. It is said that Jill and Sean exchanged their ideas through voice mails and even actual encounter.

Here we will also let you know about their love affair, relationship and married life. Due to their similar field of career, they got attracted towards each other.


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