Sprung the dating game review

Their adventures take place all over town: at the ski lodge, in a gondola, at a popular nightclub, and, of course, in a hot tub.The game features humorous dialogs and adult situations with upbeat music and 2D graphics.The storyline revolves around these two characters that converge on each other in some areas of the game but really the story is incredibly weak, despite the fact the game is a 'choose your own adventure' style game.Ultimately Brett and Becky want each other but won't admit it so it's up to you to make them realise it.

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While you don't necessarily directly control an avatar as s/he moves from environment to environment, progress hinges on correctly using items in your inventory (in this case presenting them to the right person at the right time) and deducing the appropriate response to what other characters are saying to you.The game features about fifty 'episodes' to play through and each episode is set in one area of the resort.There is about ten of these overall so there is repetition in that aspect too.The Nintendo DS is a gaming innovation and thus you're going to see things you don't see on other platforms.Ubisoft has taken the plunge in this aspect and released a dating simulation, something that you usually don't find in the west let alone PAL territories.Sprung is a dating game that takes place at an upscale ski resort.


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