Validating xml editor linux

Can anyone suggest an open source XML editor with a clean, simple interface that can validate a schema as well as an XML document?Ideally I would like one that can generate an XML document from a schema and vice versa, but that's not essential.To allow n XML to deal with its schema, you need to locate a Relax NG schema or DTD file.Fortunately libvirt provides these, so you just need to turn that schema into a Relax NG Compact schema (.rnc) and add it to ~/.schema/

The open source community has produced an impressive lineup of XML editing utilities.Note that if you open a pre-existing file that meets the rules you've described in ~/.schema/schemas.xml, the schema will be set when you open it.Asking Emacs to set the schema automatically is only necessary when you create brand-new file content. For example, say you want to manually edit the XML file that defines a virtual guest domain using libvirt.I've been using XML Copy Editor for several days, and it's almost exactly what I need.It can't generate an XML document from a schema or a schema from a document, but the author is planning to add that feature. Note that any text editor can edit XML, so this page only lists software programs that specialize in this task.


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