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Michael Cohen posted the black and white photograph to his more than 215,000 followers with the caption: “So proud of my Ivy League daughter…

Mr Cohen is no stranger to courting controversy in his own right.The farmer wants a wife, The farmer wants a wife, Eee, Aye, Addio, The farmer wants a wife.The wife wants a child, The wife wants a child, Eee, Aye, Addio, The wife wants a child.* [Etc] In the last twenty years or so, however, the phrase "the farmer wants a wife" has come to be synonymous with the single farmer's quest to find a like-minded partner who understands the farming way of life and spawned a reality TV series developed by Freemantle Media which premiered in the UK on ITV back in 2001 and, more recently, on Channel Five in 2009.Going to sleep at the same time creates more opportunity to cuddle, says Jan Hoistad, Ph. She encourages couples to cuddle for five to 10 minutes every morning and night."The goal is not sex but affection and emotional connection," she says.Thousands shared user Bonnie Bratnober’s tweet: “POTUS wants to date his daughter, the VP calls his wife “mother”, and DJT’s attorney posts spank-bank material of his daughter”.


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